Kenney Busts, Despite “So Many Outs”

Bryn Kenney raised in late position to 13,000 (86,000 behind) with [7c8c], then called a threebet from small blind Vicent Bosca, who held [AsKd].  The flop brought every draw imaginable for Kenney, who called when Bosca set him all in, but missed the lot of them as the turn and

Katz Continues to Build

Cary Katz extended his early stack rise at the expense of Bryn Kenney after a pot with a strange start (it looked like he'd called with [4x6x] mistaking the need for an ante - he has been playing a lot of Short Deck, after all).  Katz hit a pair of

Top Poker Heroes and Villains

Poker Hero and Villains

We all love to watch our poker heroes in action, but who doesn’t love poker villains too? While villains playing poker may sound like the plot of a James Bond film where the good guy doesn’t win the day, poker is full of both heroes and villains. We love to

Poker Predictions for 2020

Poker is an ever-evolving game. Unbeatable, unbelievable at times, the game we all know and love will undoubtedly change again during the next year of action. From the World Series of Poker to the Super High Roller Bowl, there are bound to be differences when we look back at the drama