Vieira Folds Trips in Battle of the Joaos

Bryan Piccioli opened under the gun plus one for 125,000 and picked up two heavy-weight poker pros to see a flop in Joao Vieira (hijack) and Jaoa Simao (big blind). The flop came [QcTc5c] and Simao and initial-raiser Piccioli checked. Vieira bet 230,000 and Simao called, Piccioli folded. The [8s] hit the

Monster Turn Makes for Massive Pot for Piccioli

We caught just the tail end of a big hand involving Bryan Piccioli, but he was kind enough to fill in the blanks after the hand had completed. The action folded to Piccioli on the button and he opened for 37,000. The big blind called and checked on [10h3s6h]. Piccioli bet

Steadily Growing

With 200 big blinds each, the action isn't as fierce just yet. Small pots are the standard, people aren't blowing up the pots. Amongst those to sign up recently is 2017 November Niner Bryan Piccioli, and high rollers Will Molson and Dietrich Fast also just took their seat.

Bryan Piccioli Eliminated by Mustapha Kanit; Kanit Doubles Through Nino Ullmann

After Martin Zamani limped in, Bryan Piccioli moved all in for 5,900,000. Mustapha Kanit shoved from the small blind for 12,950,000. Nino Ullmann shoved over the top for over 19 million, and Zamani folded. Piccioli: [5d5s] Kanit: [AhKh] Ullmann: [AsQs] The board ran out [8c7hKdJsJd] and Piccioli was eliminated while Kanit scored the elimination,

Two Doubles for Bryan Piccioli

Bryan Piccioli shoved all in from under the gun for 900,000 and Giuseppe Carbone called in the small blind. From the big blind, Martin Zamani made it 3,00,000. Carbone announced he was all in for roughly 27 million and Zamani folded announcing he had [AxJx]. Piccioli: [Qc9d] Carbone: [4s4c] The board ran out

Mustapha Kanit Doubles Through Bryan Piccioli

Bryan Piccioli raised from middle position, Thai Ha called from the cutoff and Mustapha Kanit three-bet all in for 6,200,000 from the button. Piccioli four-bet and Ha folded. Piccioli: [TsTc] Kanit: [KhQd] The board ran out [QhJs9sAcAs], giving Kanit aces and queens to double through Piccioli.

Chris Hunichen vs. Bryan Piccioli

Chris Hunichen raised to 330,000 from under the gun and Bryan Piccioli called from middle position. They checked to the river of a [Kh3s5s10dKc] board where Hunichen bet 350,000. Piccioli called. Hunichen showed [4c4d], but Piccioli tabled [7h7d] to win the pot.