Brian Altman Eliminated by Landon Tice

Sergi Reixach opened to 3,500 from the cutoff and Brian Altman three-bet to 8,500 from the button. From the big blind, Landon Tice three-bet to 21,000, and Reixach folded. Altman considered his options for a few moments, and then moved all-in for roughly 82,500 and Tice immediately called. Altman: [JdJh] Tice: [KdKs] The board

Top Top for Brian Altman

Dan Smith opened to 2,500 from the hijack and Chris Brewer called on the button. From the big blind, Brian Altman three-bet to 14,000. Smith folded and Brewer called before the [Js7d3sKs5s] board checked through to the river with Altman tabling his [AhKd] to collect the pot.

Flop Bet Win for Billy Taylor

Action folded to Brian Altman in the small blind, and he limped in for 1,000. Billy Taylor checked his option in the big blind to reveal a [KhAh9s] flop. Altman checked and a bet of 2,500 from Taylor would produce a fold from Altman.

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