Sean Winter Eliminated in 5th Place ($72,800)

Koray Aldemir shoved from the small blind with [8s3d] and Sean Winter called his remaining 1,970,000 from the big blind with [AcKd]. Meanwhile, Brandon Adams was sitting with just 60,000 behind and looking to earn a pay jump if Winter were to get eliminated. The board ran out [8d6c2hJd4h] and Winter

Chidwick Takes the Lead, Adams Extremely Short

Brandon Adams limped from the small blind with [KhQh] and Stephen Chidwick shoved from the small blind for 2,200,000 with [Ah4c]. Adams called. The flop hit both players and the board ran out [Kc4h4d5c7c]. Adams was left with only 60,000 -- less than a big blind. If Adams makes it to the

Two Doubles For Winter

Koray Aldemir shoved all in from the small blind with [Ts6h] into Sean Winter's big blind. Winter called off his remaining 380,000 with [KhQs]. The board ran out [7s5h2d5dQs] and gave Winter the pot. The next hand, Winter was the one shoving from the small blind with [Kd8c] and Brandon Adams called

Shove Is All You Need

There continues to be very little post-flop play, but plenty of shoves. Brandon Adams shoved all in on the button with [AcQh] for a little more than 1,000,000 and the blinds folded. On the next hand, Stephen Chidwick shoved all in on the button with [6h6d] and also got through. There actually was

Stephen Chidwick and Sean Winter Lead, Third Final Table for Winter

Eight players will return to play for the Event #3 - $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em title at 5 p.m. EST. Stephen Chidwick leads the way, with Sean Winter close behind. Chidwick is the defending U.S. Poker Open champion and is currently second in the overall standings to defend his title. Winter has

Jerry Robinson Doubles Through Brandon Adams

Action folded to Jerry Robinson on the button who open shoved for his last 300,000. Brandon Adams made the call from the small blind and Sean Perry open folded [QcJs] from the big blind. Robinson: [QsQd] Adams: [AsTh] The board ran out [7h9h7s6sTd] as Adams improved to top-top but it was not enough

Rodger Johnson Survives First Bubble All In

Action folded around to Rodger Johnson who shoved from the button for 470,000. The small blind folded, but Brandon Adams made the call in the big blind. Johnson: [KsQh] Adams: [AhKc] Johnson took the lead on the flop of [TcJd9s] and needed to avoid a queen to secure the double up, which he