Peters Paces High Roller of the Year Race

The High Roller of the Year race is off and running. Each week, Poker Central is your home for the results, stats, and stories from the world’s biggest events. From 2019 U.S. Poker Open to Super High Roller Bowl VI and everything in between, Poker Central is your High Roller of

Brandon Adams Eliminated by Chris Hunichen

Chris Hunichen opened from the cutoff to 9,000 and Brandon Adams moved all in from the button for 51,000. Hunichen called, and the cards were tabled. Hunichen: [Js5s] Adams: [KdQh] The board ran out [Jh9sKh7sJd] and Adams was eliminated.

Keith Tilston Takes it from the Small Blind

Justin Bonomo raised to 4,500 from under the gun and Seth Davies called on the button. Keith Tilston and Brandon Adams both called from the blinds, and the flop landed [9d5h9h]. Action checked round to reveal the [2d] on the turn, and Tilston led out for 12,000 and Adams, Bonomo, and

Dan Smith vs. Brandon Adams

Brandon Adams opened to 5,000 in middle position and Dan Smith called on the button, as did Seth Davies from the big blind. The flop landed [9s4dKd] and Davies checked to Adams who bet 9,000. Smith called, and Davies folded as the turn fell the [5c]. Adams checked, Smith bet 30,000, and

Brandon Adams’ Continuation Bet Is Enough

Brandon Adams raised under the gun to 4,000 and it folded around to Keith Tilston, who called from his big blind. The flop came [9d2cKc], which Tilston checked. Adams then made a continuation bet of 7,000, which was enough to get Tilston to fold, only putting a small dent in his healthy