Norman Chad’s Big Week

Norman Chad

On Monday night, the first season of The Big Blind on PokerGO came to its epic conclusion with a three-way battle between Norman Chad, Alex Jacob, and Ben Yu. Relive that entire battle on PokerGO right here or keep reading to get Chad's thoughts on the show, the outcome of

Get Set for The Big Blind Quarter Finals on PokerGO!

The Big Blind on PokerGO

Poker trivia show "The Big Blind" on PokerGO is down to its quarterfinals and with four exciting three-way battles on tap it's time for you to get caught up on the action! For those new to the show, The Big Blind pits some of your favorite poker personalities up against

Ben Yu Eliminated in 9th Place

Ali Imsirovic raised to 40,000 in middle position and Ben Yu called in the big blind. The flop landed [Jc9s2d] and Yu checked. Imsirovic continued for 20,000, and Yu check-raised all in for roughly 180,000. Imsirovic called. Imsirovic: [Kh9c] Yu: [Tx9x] The turn and river landed the [3d] and [5s], and Yu was eliminated

Cold Four-Bet from the Chip Leader

Kahle Burns raised to 26,000 from under the gun and Ben Yu three-bet to 75,000 next to act. From the button, Ali Imsirovic four-bet to 185,000 total. The blinds, Burns, and Yu all folded, and Imsirovic flashed his [AhKd].

Ali Imsirovic Shoves River on Ben Yu

With around 45,000 in the middle, and the flop reading [2c2d2s], Ben Yu checked from the big blind to Ali Imsirovic under the gun who bet 11,000. Yu called, and then checked the [4d] on the turn. Imsirovic bet 66,000, and Yu called. The river landed the [Tc] and Yu checked. Imsirovic

Nick Petrangelo Doubles Through Ben Yu

Nick Petrangelo has just found a double from out of the big blind for his last 166,000 holding [KhKc] against Ben Yu in middle position with [QdQc]. No improvement fell for Yu, and Petrangelo secured the double.

Ben Yu vs. Elio Fox

Ben Yu raised to 18,000 in middle position and Elio Fox called in the cutoff. The flop landed [7s2sQc] and both players checked to reveal the [9h] on the turn. Yu bet 25,000 and Fox folded.

Ben Yu Eliminated in 8th Place

Ben Yu shoved all in from middle position for 110,000 and Andras Nemeth reshoved the button for 580,000. Yu: [Ad9d] Nemeth: [9h9c] The board ran out [Kd4s5d6sTh] and Yu was eliminated in eighth place.