Sam Soverel and Ben Yu Eliminated by Stephen Chidwick

Ben Yu opened to 55,000 from under the gun and Sam Soverel called all in for 5,000. Stephen Chidwick called in the cutoff and both Sean Winter and Cary Katz came along from the blinds. The flop landed [6c5c5d] and action checked through to Chidwick who bet 75,000. Only Yu called

Ben Yu Gets Some Back From Jerad Bleznick

With the board reading [3hTsKh2s] Jerad Bleznick bet 35,000 and Ben Yu called. The river landed the [8h] and Yu checked. Bleznick announced a bet of 65,000 and Yu made the quick call. Bleznick announced two pair but Yu tabled [Th9h5h9s] for the rivered flush to take the pot.

Jared Bleznick’s All-In Gets Ben Yu to Fold

Three players committed 16,000 pre-flop, but after [6s3dAd] came on the flop and Jared Bleznick bet 30,000 only Ben Yu called. Yu checked the [2h] on the turn but called Bleznick's ensuing 75,000 bet and the two went to the river. When the [Ah] hit, Yu saw it as an opportunity to

Jared Bleznick Wins Sizable Pot Against Ben Yu

Ben Yu raised pre-flop to 21,000 and got a call from Jared Bleznick. The flop came [Kc7d9h] and both players checked. The turn came the [Js] and Yu fired out 45,000. His opponent called. Both players saw a river [6c] and Yu checked. Bleznick bet 35,000 and was called. Bleznick showed

Ben Yu Scores Double Knockout of Ali Imsirovic and Jordan Cristos

The flop read [KcJs3c] and Ben Yu fired out a pot-sized bet of 69,000. Ali Imsirovic made the call, which was slightly more than his entire stack. Jordan Cristos then came over the top all-in and Yu made the call. Yu: [QcQhJc9c] Cristos: [AsAcJsXx] Imsirovic: [Ah4d3h3s] The turn came [5c], giving Yu a flush,

Jordan Cristos Three-Bets Ben Yu Off Hand

Ben Yu opened for 18,000 on the button and Jordan Cristos, in the big blind, raised the pot, which was nearly his entire stack. Yu briefly pondered a call before deciding on a fold.

Ben Yu vs. Joshua Ladines

Jordan Cristos limped the cutoff for 4,000 and Joshua Ladines raised to 16,000 from the small blind. Ben Yu made it 52,000 from the big blind, and after Cristos folded, Ladines called. The flop fell [8d5sQd] and Ladines checked to Yu who opted to bet 55,000. Ladines folded, and Yu collected

Adam Hendrix Eliminated by Alex Foxen

Ben Yu potted the button to 14,000 and Alex Foxen re-potted from the small blind to 50,000. Adam Hendrix committed his 64,000 total, and after Yu folded, Foxen called. Foxen: [AhAs7s6h] Hendrix: [AdKdJc9s] The board ran out [5h6s9h3s4d] and Foxen rivered a seven-high straight to eliminate Hendrix.