Ali Imsirovic Adds USPO Event #5 To His Resume ($442,500)

Ali Imsirovic is third in Poker Masters following his $25,000 No Limit win. (Photo: Poker Central)

Ali Imsirovic is the fifth winner of the Poker Masters. Imsirovic topped 66 entrants to win the $25,000 No Limit Hold'em title to win $462,000 and 300 points toward the Poker Masters leaderboard. The final table aired on PokerGO with heavy hitters Brian Rast, Jason Koon, Ben Yu, Jake Schindler,

Ben Yu Eliminated by Sean Winter

On the first hand back from break action started quickly. Action folded to Sean Winter in the cutoff and he raised to 28,000, getting a call from Alex Foxen on the button. After Nick Petrangelo folded his small blind, Ben Yu three-bet shoved from his big blind, Winter then four-bet shoved, Foxen

Cary Katz Doubles Through Ben Yu

Alex Foxen opened to 17,000 from the hijack and Ben Yu moved all in from the button for 179,000. Cary Katz used one of his time extension banks, and then moved all in for 86,000 from the small blind. Foxen folded, and the cards were revealed. Katz: [9d9c] Yu: [8d8c] The board ran

Ben Yu vs. Erik Seidel

Action folded to Ben Yu and he raised to 18,000 from the cutoff. Erik Seidel made the call from his big blind. After both players checked the [5h3c6c] flop, Seidel led out on the [Qs] turn with a bet of 20,000, which was called by Yu. Seidel then checked the [Ks] river,

Jake Schindler Defends His Small Blind

Ben Yu raised to 11,000 from middle position, Jake Schindler called from his small blind and the two players saw a flop of [6c3h6s]. Schindler checked, Yu put out a continuation bet of 11,000 and Schindler called. After both players checked the [Jc] turn, Schindler led out for 15,000 on the [8h]

Ben Yu Eliminated by Erik Seidel

Bryn Kenney raised under the gun to 9,000 and was called from the next seat over by Erik Seidel. Action then folded around to Ben Yu who shoved all in from the button for 52,000. Kenney folded and Seidel made the call, having Yu covered. Yu: [8c8s] Seidel: [AsKc] Yu was safe until the

Ben Yu and Larry Greenberg Looking for Double Up

Ben Yu moved all-in from under-the-gun for 50,000 and everyone folded. On the ensuing hand, Erik Seidel raised on the button to 7,000 and Larry Greenberg shoved all-in. Seidel folded. The very next hand, Greenberg raised to 7,000 and Yu again moved all-in but wasn't called.

Koray Aldemir Catches Ben Yu Bluffing

Ben Yu opened to 5,000 from the hijack and Koray Aldemir came along from the cutoff. On a flop of [3cAc5d] Yu continued with 13,000 and Aldemir once again called. Yu slowed down on the turn when the [6h] came and Aldemir checked behind also. When the [8h] fell on the river,