Tollerene Doubles After a Chop Sweat

Cary Katz moved all-in with [3h3c] and was called by Tollerene with [Kc9c], and if the made hand held, we would see our champion. The flop of [Ks2sJs] saw Tollerene move ahead, however, and the [Ts] turn kept it that way, but any spade would see a chop. The river [4h] was

Katz Totting Up

Ben Tollerene, known for his online prowess, is showing some serious live chops to stay alive in the face of a Cary Katz tide in this battle for supremacy. After Cary Katz made it just over 100,000 with [7s4d], Tollerene called with [Qc5c] in the latest hand. The flop of [Ad7dJc] saw

Katz Almost Level

Cary Katz, having doubled back into this heads-up battle, is now almost level after a series of pots aptly described as "small-ball" by the commentary team of Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks in the PokerGO studio. With some table chat about his lack of comfort post-flop clearly debunked by the expertise

Katz Doubles Again, Flushing the River

Holding [Qd4c], Cary Katz moved all-in and was put at risk when he was called by Ben Tollerene's [Tc3d]. The [2d6dTd] flop put Ben Tollerene ahead, and the [5s] maintained his lead, meaning one of 14 outs needed to come for Katz to stay alive. The river [Ad] saw Katz preserve his

Katz Doubles Up with Big Slick

Cary Katz was all-in for 200,000 with [AcKc] and Ben Tollerene called with [Ah8c]. Katz, better than 3:1 to beat Tollerene to the vital pot, saw the board of [3sTc2h6d3h] double him up and give him a shot at victory with 20% of the chips in play now.  

Tollerene on the Brink of Victory?

Having worn Katz down to just 300,000, Ben Tollerene looks like he has a powerful lead in this heads-up battle. With a semi-bluff on a wet board making Katz lay down second pair, Tollerene took a dominating lead, and he's used the last few pots to extend that lead. Katz just called

Mikita Badziakouski Busted on the Bubble in 3rd Place

Mikita Badziakouski's tournament is at an end after a dramatic hand saw him just miss the money. Pre-flop, Ben Tollerene made it 60,000 with [Kh2h] and Badziakouski made the call with [8h6h]. The flop of [Ks5h9d] saw Tollerene c-bet 50,000 and Badziakouski called, and with 265,000 in the pot, On the turn

Badziakouski and Tollerene Trade Chips

On the turn of a board showing [Qd6dAsTh], Mikita Badziakouski bet 60,000 into 135,000 and Ben Tollerene called. Badziakouski: [Qc6c] Tollerene: [Td6s] On the river [4h], Badziakouski bet 175,000 and Tollerene called, giving away a little of his lead in the process once the cards were on their backs. Tollerene made it 55,000 with [KcJc]

Christoph Vogelsang Eliminated in 4th Place

With a bet of 60,000 coming from Ben Tollerene with [JsTd], Christoph Vogelsang raised all-in with [AsKd] and Tollerene made the call. With a low flop, Vogelsang maintained the lead, but on the turn of [Jd], Tollerene take the lead and when the river landed the [Th], that was the end of Christoph

Tollerene Reduces Vogelsang to Tatters

Tollerene just called pre-flop with [AdKd] and Vogelsang decided to raise to 60,000 with [8c2h]. Tollerene raised all-in of course, leaving the German super-short after he folded. Did Vogelsang just preserve his tournament life or delay the inevitable?