A Double For Rafael

Cary Katz limped from early position and Ben Lamb raised on the button with [KhKcJh4h]. Sean Rafael called from the big blind with [AsQhJc8d]. The flop came [6d4s2s] and Rafael checked. Lamb bet enough to put Rafael all in and Rafael called looking for another spade to complete his flush. The turn

Chidwick Looking to Retake USPO Lead at Event #6 Final Table

Stephen Chidwick is now the only player besides Sean Winter to make four final tables at the 2019 U.S. Poker Open. Chidwick is currently sitting 100 points behind Winter. He will tie Winter for the lead with a third-place finish. As for today, Chidwick enters as the chip leader with

Event #6 Final Table

Seat 1: Ben Lamb - 450,000 Seat 2: Tom Marchese - 265,000 Seat 3: Sean Rafael - 890,000 Seat 4: Stephen Chidwick - 2,375,000 Seat 5: Cary Katz - 665,000 Seat 6: Anthony Zinno - 1,225,000

Updated Chip Counts

With eight players remaining, two away from the money, here is a list of chip counts as the players take a 10-minute break.

Ben Lamb Shoves on Jared Bleznick

With the board reading [2c3c3hQd] Jerad Bleznick bet 125,000. Ben Lamb was next to act and moved all in for his last 250,000. Bleznick thought it over and used most of his time bank before tossing his cards into the muck.

Ben Lamb vs. Sean Rafael

On a board reading [JdQd9sAc] with roughly 86,000 in the middle, Sean Rafael bet out 65,000 from the small blind. Ben Lamb called from the big blind as the river landed the [2d]. Rafael checked, Lamb bet 85,000, and Rafael folded.

Tom Marchese Triples Up Erik Seidel Wins Side Pot

Tom Marchese opened to 35,000 leaving himself 20,000 behind. Erik Seidel was next to act and moved all in for 128,000. Action folded to Ben Lamb in the big blind and he made the call. Lamb: [5h7h6s9c] Marchese: [Ad7d6h4h] Seidel: [AcKs2hJc] The board ran out [2x3x5xAxTx] to give Marchese the nut straight and completed the