Ben Lamb Bubbles Event #7

Sean Winter raised to 56,000 in the hijack and Ben Lamb defended his big blind. The flop landed [Kd9h4d] and Lamb checked to Winter who bet 130,000. Lamb called, and when the turn fell the [Qh], he moved all in for 125,000 and Winter snap-called. Lamb: [KhJh9c2c] Winter: [JdTs7d3s] The river landed the [8c]

Stephen Chidwick Doubles Through Ben Lamb

Ben Lamb raised to 21,000 on the button and Stephen Chidwick reraised all in from the small blind for 60,000. Lamb called. Lamb: [Jc9h8h3c] Chidwick: [KsQd3d2s] The board ran out [TsKc7d5dTd] and Chidwick made a flush and doubled through.

Top Poker Hands from Poker Masters

Phil Hellmuth, Brandon Adams, Steffen Sontheimer, and Daniel Negreanu are involved in the Top 10 Poker Masters hands of all time.

Since it's inception in 2017, the Poker Masters has thrilled viewers on PokerGO. From the crowning of German professional Steffen Sontheimer as the inaugural winner to Ali Imsirovic's victory in 2018, every top player wants to fill the sleeves of the famous Purple Jacket. Here are 10 of the very best

Bulge Gate, Draft Drama, and Kitty’s Corner!

All the latest from poker Twitter recapped in Five of a Kind!

Hello! Feeling like you missed something on social media in the last few days? Don't fret, Five of a Kind recaps all the action for you in a convenient overview. This week, we, begrudgingly, look at Daniel Negreanu's bulge, check in on Jennifer Tilly, see some NFL Draft drama that