Ben Lamb Eliminated in 4th Place ($97,500)

Cary Katz and Ben Lamb got all in on the [As8s5c] board. Lamb let for 200,000 with [Kh7h9s6s] and Katz reraised the pot with [AcJh9h8d] putting Lamb's remaining stack at risk when Lamb called. The turn was the [5h] and the river was the [8d], giving Katz a full house and eliminating

Lamb Takes Two From Katz

Cary Katz raised the small blind into Ben Lamb and Lamb moved all in from the big blind. Katz called. Katz: [Ah6d5c2s] Lamb: [AcTc8h3c] The board ran out [KhKs4h8dTd] and Lamb doubled through Katz. On the next hand, Lamb moved all in for 200,000 with [KsKcQs9s] after the flop came [Ts3c2h]. Katz limped preflop

A Double For Rafael

Cary Katz limped from early position and Ben Lamb raised on the button with [KhKcJh4h]. Sean Rafael called from the big blind with [AsQhJc8d]. The flop came [6d4s2s] and Rafael checked. Lamb bet enough to put Rafael all in and Rafael called looking for another spade to complete his flush. The turn