Badziakouski Bumps Heath From Chip Lead

Another pot played by the blinds, this time Mikita Badziakouski and Ben Heath and with a little more action than seen for a little while. The former limped preflop with [Jc8c], the latter raised to 180,000 with [9s5h] and received a call. Heath continued for 135,000 on the [3c2c2h] flop when

Chips Bunching Up

Ben Heath retains the lead, with Timothy Adams in second, but both of the shorter stacks have made progress upwards at the expense of the leaders and are virtually neck and neck going into the new level.

Worst. Route. Ever.

While Christoph Vogelsang might be utterly still and silent, scarf protectively draped over the part of his face not shaded by a baseball cap, during a hand he's involved in, he's chatting with the table in between winning small pots.  It came to light that his trip here was anything

Short Stack Badziakouski Getting Ever Less Short

Mikita Badziakouski raised his button to 90,000 with [asJd], called by Ben Heath ([6h6d]) and Timothy Adams ([qh8h]) in the blinds.  All three checked the [TcTd2h] flop.  Badziakouski hit a pair on the [Jd] turn, and this time bet when it was checked to him: another 90,000.  Heath called; Adams

Adrian Mateos Goes 0 for 3 in Flips to Bust in 5th ($800,000)

In an eye-wateringly quick reversal of fortune, Adrian Mateos has gone from chip leader to bust in under half an hour.  His final stand came in a blind vs. blind confrontation with Ben Heath, who raised with [Ahqs]; Mateos jammed for 1,000,000 with [2d2c] and, called, waited once again to

Badziakouski Doubles Blind vs. Blind

Two big hands dealt in the blinds saw another double through on this final table, that of short stack Mikita Badziakouski.  He raised with [TsTd], put to the test by Ben Heath with [AdQd] and was all in for 660,000 total.  Heath flopped an ace - [Ac2c3c] - but Badziakouski

Next Three Hands Go to Three-Bets, Too

After Christoph Vogelsang opened to 60,000 with [As7s], then folded to a three-bet of 270,000 from Ben Heath (who held [AhKk], Timothy Adams raised to 70,000 under the gun with [AcJd]  Heath called with [KhQs] and then big blind Stephen Chidwick moved all in (with [KsJs] for 400,000 total, uncalled. The