Ben Heath Eliminated in 4th Place ($1,000,000)

Ben Heath has picked up a million dollars for his first Super High Roller Bowl cash, breaking the four-handed deadlock at this final table. Preflop, Heath moved in for 1,200,000 in the small blind with [qs6s].  Big blind Timothy Adams considered the bet (12 big blinds) and his hand [As2d] before

Adams Doubles Through Heath

Ben Heath, having regained the stack of 3,000,000+ he held around five hours ago, has dropped right back down to the short stack spot (1.6 million) after doubling up Timothy Adams.  Button Heath opened for 190,000 with [Qdjd] and found small blind Adams moving in for 1,400,000 with [Khqh].  Not

Final Table *Still* Four-Handed, Little Between the Stacks

The final four players are oscillating between being bunched tightly in chips and having one player stretch a slim lead; they're evenly matched in experience, skill and, so far, help from the deck.  With the blinds creeping up, however, it would only take one big match-up to end the dreams

Vogelsang Wins Last Hand Pre Break

Christoph Vogelsang raised his button with [KdJs] to 130,000, called by both blinds.  Small blind Ben Heath, with [thjh], and big blind Timothy Adams, with [4c4h], checked the [Kh6dad] flop to Vogelsang, who bet 120,000, Heath alone calling. The turn paired the board with the [6s], no bet.  The [4s] on

Badziakouski Still Ahead (Flopping Full Houses Doesn’t Hurt)

Mikita Badziakouski raised in the cutoff to 135,000 with [7c7s], called by small blind Ben Heath with [Adts], flopping sevens full of eights.  He led out for 125,000 and Heath made the call.  After the turn, the board stood [7h8s8h3d]. Badziakouski bet out 375,000 and the hand went no further.

Vogelsang Now in Lead After Winning 2 Million+ Pot from Heath

Ben Heath opened preflop with [ah9h] to 120,000, called by Christoph Vogelsang alone from the small blind with [Acqh].  A big flop for Vogelsang: [AsQs8h], which he checked, as did Heath.  Vogelsang led out for 300,000 on the [5h] turn, which gave his opponent the nut flush draw to go

Badziakouski Bumps Heath From Chip Lead

Another pot played by the blinds, this time Mikita Badziakouski and Ben Heath and with a little more action than seen for a little while. The former limped preflop with [Jc8c], the latter raised to 180,000 with [9s5h] and received a call. Heath continued for 135,000 on the [3c2c2h] flop when

Chips Bunching Up

Ben Heath retains the lead, with Timothy Adams in second, but both of the shorter stacks have made progress upwards at the expense of the leaders and are virtually neck and neck going into the new level.