What’s on TV?

Poker, that's what.  Currently featured on the live stream on PokerGO is this line-up: Seat Player 1 Chris Neesam 2 Usman Ulhaq 3 Christopher Kyriacou 4 Ben Heath 5 Liv Boeree 6 Hossein Ensan 7 Ludovic Geilich 8 Francisco Carreira A penny or two in prior earnings amongst this lot.

Ben Heath Eliminated in 3rd Place ($150,000)

Ben Heath did not have any sort of heater period today, but has finished his run at the $25,500 Super High Roller with a podium finish worth $150,000.  His final hand saw him face yet another Igor Kurganov small-to-big blind shove.  This time he considered his [Jc9s], his remaining 3,450,000

Preben Stokkan Eliminated in 4th Place ($100,000)

Something had to give, and it was a battle of the preflop aces that eliminated one of the two hard-to-bust short stacks.  Preben Stokkan moved in on the cutoff with [ah8h] for 1,280,000 and small blind Ben Heath reshoved for 2,400,000 with [ackd] (big blind Kahle Burns folding his own

Heath Takes On O’Dwyer

Steve O'Dwyer, having three-bet jammed [KcJc] (no call) one hand prior, tangled with Ben Heath thusly: he made it 320,000 to go from the cutoff with [as2s], Heath defending his big blind with [ts7s]. Flop: [7cjd9s].  Heath check-called O'Dwyer's bet of 440,000. Turn: [qd]. Check to O'Dwyer again, who bet 530,000.  Heath,