Antonio’s Twist Busts Oliver

Antonio Martinac opened the cutoff for 80,000 and Oliver Price in the small blind shoved for 615,000. The big blind folded but Martinac called. Antonio Martinac: [Th2h] Oliver Price: [As7c] The flop of [3c9cJs] was of no use to either, but the [Tc] paired Martinac while Price picked up a flush draw. The

Daniels Triples Up

Rainer Kempe raised from early position to 160,000 and Jacob Daniels three-bet all in for 360,000. A four-bet of 600,000 was made by Roberto José Sagra from the small blind and Kempe called. Daniels could triple up if he managed to win the pot. The flop was dealt [kskc6h] and Sagra

Marty Mathis Leads Uruguay’s Biggest Buy-in Tournament as 15 Players Remain

Last year's partypoker MILLIONS South America Main Event winner Marty Mathis now leads the 2020 edition's Super High Roller. Mathis, a player with legendary status, known as "TheLipoFund" online, bagged 4.315 million in chips as fifteen players survived Day 1 of the $25,500 buy-in two-day event. Play got underway in Uruguay's

Farrell Makes Martinac Fold Pocket Kings

Niall Farrell raised to 100,000 with [qs9s] from the hijack and he was three-bet to 250,000 by Antonio Martinac with [kskd]. Farrell called the three-bet to see the flop. The flop fell [tstc3s] and Farrell checked to Martinac who continued with a bet of 375,000. Farrell, however, raised to 1,100,000. Martinac took

Big Double for Martinac

Jacob Daniels was the one to open under the gun and Antonio Martinac on the button called. The flop of [7sKdJd] saw Daniels bet 50,000 and Martinac raised to 150,000. Daniels called. The [3s] on the turn saw both players check and Daniels bet 310,000 on the [3c] river that paired the

Daniels Takes Down a Massive Hand

"You missed a huge hand," Jacob Daniels said while stacking the spoils of a huge pot. As soon as he was done building his 20-high towers, he got up and shared the details of the hand. Antonio Martinac opened under the gun plus one and Jacob Daniels called from the small

Daniels Back Over a Million

Jacob Daniels is back to over a million in chips after he got a preflop four-bet through. He saw Luis Peluso raise to 32,000 from middle position and Daniels called from the hijack. Antonio Martinac called from the cutoff and small blind Ivan Luca upped it to 161,000. The three-bet by

Daniels Versus Martinac

Jacob Daniels raised to 27,000 from the cutoff and Antonio Martinac called from the button. Ivan Luca in the big blind came along for the ride and checked first on [4d8c5s]. Daniels made a continuation bet of 38,000 and Martinac instantly raised to 100,000. Luca folded, Daniels called. The two of

Antonio Martinac Has to Re-Enter

Antonio Martinac was down to only 100,000 when he pushed his last chips to the middle with an ace and a low kicker, according to Freek Scholten. He was called by a player at the table with king-ten offsuit and the board ran out with a king on the board

Scholten With the Accidental Call

Niall Farrell was first to act but folded, missing out on what would become a family pot. All players were in the hand for the minimum with Sergio Iralasky (hijack), Freek Scholten (cutoff), Jack Sinclair (button), Marty Mathis (small blind), and Antonio Martinac (big bind) all seeing a flop of