Anthony Alberto Eliminated in 10th Place ($19,200)

Anthony Alberto raised his button to 105,000 and Cary Katz three-bet the small blind to 260,000 total. Alberto called all in for 165,000, and the cards were tabled. Katz: [AcAdQh6d] Alberto: [QsJh5h5s] The board ran out [As2c3s4h2d] and Alberto was eliminated in tenth-place for a $19,200 payday.

Martin Zamani Chips Up In Three-Way Hand

Cary Katz raised to 70,000 under the gun and got calls from Martin Zamani and Anthony Alberto. However none of the three men decided to bet the flop of [4sJsQc] so the turn came with [9s]. Zamani was first to act and made a pot-size bet. Alberto and Katz didn't take

Anthony Alberto Doubles Through Ben Yu

Ben Yu raised to 70,000 from the cutoff and Anthony Alberto potted from the small blind to 230,000. Yu called, and Alberto bet his final 80,000 in the dark as the flop landed [Tc5hQs]. Yu called, and the cards were tabled. Yu: [Kh9h6d3d] Alberto: [AsAdJc5c] The turn and river landed the [Ts] and [9d],

Justin Young Doubles Through Anthony Alberto

Justin Young raised to 40,000 from under the gun and Anthony Alberto called on the button. The flop landed [9h3c8c] and Young bet his last 71,000 and Alberto called. Young: [AhKcKd6d] Alberto: [AcQdJc2s] The turn and river landed the [2d] and [3h] and Young held on for the double.

Set for Anthony Alberto

Anthony Alberto raised to 20,000 on the button and both Brandon Adams and Stephen Chidwick called from the blinds. The flop landed [4sKsAc] and Alberto continued for 48,000. Adams check-folded, but Chidwick check-called as the turn landed the [Qh] and both players checked. The river fell the [7h] and Chidwick bet 125,000.

Anthony Alberto Doubles Through Jordan Cristos

Anthony Alberto and Jordan Cristos got it all in pre-flop for Alberto's tournament life in an aces vs. kings situation. Alberto: [AhAs2s6d] Cristos: [KdKs5c6c] When the flop came [7d5h6s] Cristos was suddenly ahead with two-pair. The [3d] on the turn was a blank for Alberto but when the [Ad] came on the river, Alberto's

Flop Bet Win for Dan Shak

Dan Shak limped in for 3,000 from under the gun and Michael Song completed from the small blind as Anthony Alberto checked his option. The flop landed [7hJdAs] and both Song and Alberto checked to Shak who bet 7,000. Song and Alberto folded, and Shak collected the pot.

Anthony Alberto Doubles Before Break

Anthony Alberto and Michael Song mixed it up in a big hand before the break in Event #2. Alberto checked a flop of [Qs2d2c] to Song, who bet 6,000. Alberto just smooth called. The turn was [6d]. Alberto was first to act and checked again. Song barreled again for 23,000 and Alberto