Three Romanello Brothers and a Main Event Champion Make it to Day 3

Day 2 of the partypoker LIVE $10,300 MILLIONS UK Main Event came to a dramatic conclusion today with the bursting of the bubble, locking up a seat in Day 3 for the sixty players who’d battled successfully through seventeen hour-long levels at Dusk Till Dawn. Together with the sixteen online

Andrew Graham Soft Bubbles the partypoker MILLIONS UK

Seated under the gun, Andrew Graham limped in. That invited Georgy Philippovich on the button to limp as well. Anthony Kennedy in the small blind completed and Joep Raemaekers checked his big blind. The blinds and Graham checked a flop of [As6sJh] and Philippovich bet 400,000. Kennedy and Raemaekers folded, Graham

Chadha: “Don’t Make a Sweat!” While Waiting to Double or Bust

A crucial pot for Carlos Chadha just now. Heads up with early chip leader Andrew Graham (who'd called his prelflop three-bet to 750,000 in position), Chadha led 450,000 on a [kh5d8d] flop.  Graham decided to exert maximum pressure on his opponent, who had less than 2,000,000 behind, and moved forward

Fossati Proves Graham Not Bulletproof

A big pot mid Level 6 has propelled Andrea Fossati up over 3 million in chips after he proved to table 44 that Andrew Graham can lose big pots after all.  Graham three-bet preflop (35,000 to 146,000), called by Andrea Fossati alone. Flop: [kc4dqh].  Graham led out for 105,000, called by

When Graham Doesn’t Win, He Chops

Chip leader Andrew Graham is maintaining (if not really increasing) his c. 4 million chip stack during Level 6, most recently playing a pot against Nicola Angelini.  On a [td3c3d] flop, Graham check-raised Angelini (from 60,000 to 120,000) and Angelini made the call. The turn made the three a triplet: [3s].

Andrew Graham’s Level 4 Stack Approaching Day 1a’s Final Leaders’

Runaway chip leader halfway through Day 1b is Andrew Graham, with two towering stacks of 100,000 value chips that just got even taller.  A threeway flop of [9s8h3c] saw small blind Andrea Fossati check, Matas Cimbolas do so too and last to act Graham bet 40,000.  Call from Fossati.  Back