Australian Poker Open – Najeem Ajez Leads Event #2 Final Table

The second event of the 2020 Australian Poker Open was Event #2: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha held from inside The Star Gold Coast. After almost 17 full levels of play, Australia’s Najeem Ajez finished as the chip leader with 2,540,000 in chips heading into Monday’s PokerGO streamed Event #2 final table. A

Chino Rheem Eliminated in 7th Place (AU$21,500)

Andras Nemeth raised to 90,000 from middle position. The action folded around to Rheem in the big blind who called for his remaining 90,000 and was all in. Nemeth: [kc][jc][ts][5s] Rheem: [qs][qd][tc][3h] The board ran out [7h][9c][2c][ad][kh], giving Nemeth the winning hand on the river with a higher pair, sending Rheem to the

Andras Nemeth Doubles Through Sean Winter

Andras Nemeth raised to 90,000 in the cutoff and Sean Winter called in the big blind. The flop landed [Ts8c6s] and Winter bet out 130,000. Nemeth called all in for 75,000. Nemeth: [AhKhQh8d] Winter: [Qs6d5s3h] The turn and river landed the [Qd] and [8h], and Nemeth doubled through.

Andras Nemeth Doubles Through Najeem Ajez

Najeem Ajez raised to 60,000 from the small blind. Andras Nemeth called from the big blind. The flop came [4s][4d][6s] and Ajez bet enough to put Nemeth all in. Nemeth called with 80,000 behind. Nemeth: [ah][7d][6h][5h] Ajez: [kh][ks][js][2d] The board ran out the [qc] then [6c] to see Nemeth spike a six

Erik Seidel Doubles Through Andras Nemeth

Erik Seidel was all in from the big blind for 115,000 holding [AhKd9s5d] against Andras Nemeth on the button with [AsJdJsTc]. The board ran out [7sAc3c3s8d] and Seidel secured a double.

Flush for Joni Jouhkimainen

Andras Nemeth limped the button, and both Joni Jouhkimainen and Erik Seidel came along from the blinds. The flop landed [3s6s8s] and Nemeth bet 15,000 with only Jouhkimainen calling. The [Ts] checked through on the turn, and when the river landed the [Qs], Jouhkimainen bet out 40,000. Nemeth used his last two time

Andras Nemeth vs. Najeem Ajez

Najeem Ajez raised to 45,000 from the small blind and Andras Nemeth called in the big blind. The flop landed [7cAc5s] and Ajez bet 40,000 and Nemeth called. The [Jc] checked through on the turn to reveal the [9d] on the river. Ajez checked, Nemeth bet 85,000, and Ajez folded.

Najeem Ajez Bests Andras Nemeth

Najeem Ajez raised to 30,000 from the button and was called by Andras Nemeth in the small blind. The flop came [kd][9d][6h] and Nemeth checked. Ajez continued for 42,000. Nemeth called. The turn brought the [5h] and Nemeth check-called another bet totalling 80,000. Both players then opted to check after

Jun Wang Eliminated in 11th Place

Jun Wang moved all in for 32,000 from the button. Andras Nemeth potted from the small blind which forced a fold from Sam Burkett in the big blind. Nemeth: [jc][jd][td][7h] Wang: [kh][qs][th][4s] The board ran out [3d][5d][5s][9d][9c], improving Nemeth to a flush, resulting in Wang being eliminated.