Anatoly Filatov Eliminated in 9th Place ($35,000)

Down to just 600,000 in chips with the blinds at 80,000 and 160,000, partypoker PRO Anatoly Filatov shoved under the gun. The action folded to big stack Joao Vieira on the button and he isolated by raising to 1,040,000. The blinds got out of the way. Anatoly Filatov: [7d8d] Joao Vieira: [Ad7s] The


Anatoly Filatov limped under the gun and Joao Simao completed from the small blind. Kahle Burns checked his big blind. The flop of [KcQcQd] saw the blinds check and Filatov bet 175,000. Simao called, Burns folded. The [Ac] on the turn had Simao check-called another 400,000 before he faced an 800,000 bet

Late Registration Closes, Slightest of Overlays in the Finale

Level 11 has begun, which means the end of late registration and the beginning of true bustouts with no chance for a fresh million chips.  Pending confirmation, there were 95 entries into this $10,300 event, so the prizepool is as it was: $1,000,000. Payout information will be available shortly. Last minute

“The Greatest” Filatov Says of Grafton

When we arrived, the river was already out and a whole lot of chips were in the middle. Sam Grafton, the one to eventually rake in the pot, explained what happened with Anatoly Filatov giving some color commentary on how great Grafton was in the hand. Grafton opened the pot with

Dimitar Danchev Check-Raises the River

With about 620,000 in the pot and the board reading [TsJc7s7cJs], Dimitar Danchev checked from under the gun and partypoker pro Anatoly Filatov bet 185,000 from the hijack. Noah Schwartz called from the button before Danchev used a time extension and raised to 655,000. Filatov folded and Schwartz used two time