Ali Imsirovic Doubles Through Sam Soverel

Ali Imsirovic shoved from under the gun for 50,000 and Sam Soverel isolated from the small blind for 100,000. Imsirovic: [AdQh] Soverel: [5c5h] The board ran out [Ah7d9h6s9d] and Imsirovic doubled through.

Ali Imsirovic Trending Downward

After everyone else folded, Ali Imsirovic limped in the small blind and Joseph Cappello checked behind. The flop came [Ac8dQd] and Imsirovic bet 3,000. Cappello called. The turn was the [5c]. Imsirovic checked. Cappello bet 7,000 and his opponent folded. It was a small loss there but Imsirovic has been on

Jake Schindler Scores Double Up Against Ali Imsirovic

Jake Schindler had been getting low on chips for a while but his short stack problems are gone. Ali Imsirovic raised to 4,500 on the button and Schindler moved all-in for 70,500 in the big blind. Imsirovic made the call. Schindler: [4c4h] Imsirovic: [AsTh] The board ran out [3c5s9h8sQc] and Schindler won the

Alex Foxen Eliminated by Ali Imsirovic

Action picked up on the river that read [ThQs6c4h9s] and Alex Foxen bet out 37,000. Ali Imsirovic then raised enough to put his opponent all-in. Foxen made the call and found out the bad news when Imsirovic turned over [9c9h] for a set. That beat [KxQx] and Foxen was eliminated.

Trips Good for Ali Imsirovic Against Alex Foxen

Action picked up on the river with a board that read [6d7sJd7c3h]. Ali Imsirovic, a day removed from his title in Event #5, bet 32,000 which was just under the size of the pot and his opponent, Alex Foxen made the call. Imsirovic showed [Td7h] for trips and a surprised Foxen

Through the Lens: Imsirovic Arrives, Chidwick Thrives

Heading into Day 7 of the 2019 US Poker Open and the headlines are all too similar to the 2018 USPO. Stephen Chidwick is doing what Stephen Chidwick does, making runs in everything and proving why he is one of the most elite players in the game today. Meanwhile, young

Imsirovic Jumps Into U.S. Poker Open Contention with Event #5 Win

Ali Imsirovic is a real contender at the 2019 U.S. Poker Open.

The U.S. Poker Open Championship battle is heating up after reigning Poker Masters champion Ali Imsirovic took down Event #5 - $25,000 No Limit Hold'em - today on PokerGO. Sean Winter has maintained his lead with Stephen Chidwick in second place while Jordan Cristos is the only other players to