As the tables break and redistribute their players, start-of-day chip leader Weijie Zheng has landed on Table 34 with a stack of 30 million - neck and neck now with Anton Suarez. His new line-up, and their updated stacks: Table  Seat Player Chips 34 1 Per Siden 3,650,000 34 2 Alex Keating 3,700,000 34 3 James Clarke 7,600,000 34 4 Usman Ulhaq 6,200,000 34 5 Fabrizio Gonzalez 7,600,000 34 6 Weijie Zheng 30,000,000 34 7 Mikolaj Zawadzki 10,450,000 34 8 Jiayu Ruan 9,600,000

Vieira and Keating Chop as the Bubble Looms

Nine players from the money, Joao Vieira shoved from middle position for 2,090,000. Alex Keating on the button asked for a count and eventually over shoved for 3.3 million. The blinds got out of the way. Joao Vieira: [AdJd] Alex Keating: [AcJs] The board ran out [7c8c6s] [5h] [Kh] and the two chopped

2016 WSOP Main Event: Elites Clash on Day 5 on PokerGO

Day 4 of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event set the stage for the run to the last final table of the November Nine era. When Day 5 opens, only 251 players are left to compete for the $8 million first-place prize. Now available on-demand PokerGO is moving day for