Straight for Alex Foxen

Jason Koon raised to 9,000 under the gun and Alex Foxen called in the small blind. The flop landed [Th2cKs] and Foxen checked to Koon who bet 22,000. Foxen called, and the turn landed the [9h]. Both players checked as the [3h] completed the board on the river. Foxen checked, as did Koon, and

Set on Turn Gives Alex Foxen Huge Pot Against Cary Katz

We caught the action on the flop with the community cards showing [JhKd7s]. Alex Foxen bet 15,000 and then called when Cary Katz raised to 49,500. The turn was the [Ah] which turned out to be a sick card. Foxen checked and Katz followed suit. The river was the [6d]. Foxen

Sean Winter Shoves on Alex Foxen

Sean Winter raised on the button to 8,000 and Alex Foxen, who was in the big blind, was the only caller. The flop came out [TdThKs] and Foxen led under-the-gun for 20,000. Winter made the call. The turn was the [Qh]. Foxen bet 39,000 this time and was called. The river

Koray Aldemir Wins Event #9 -$50,000 No-Limit Hold’em

The Champ! Koray Aldemir wins Event #9 - $50,000 No Limit Hold'em at the 2019 US Poker Open.

Koray Aldemir, who finished runner-up to Lauren Roberts in Event #3, has won Event #9 - $50,000 No-Limit Hold'em after beating 2013 Main Event Champion Ryan Riess heads up. Aldemir won $738,000 for his first-place finish and puts himself in contention for the overall USPO title with the Main Event

Alex Foxen Over-Bets River, Gets Nick Petrangelo to Fold

We caught the action on the turn with the board reading [4c2s2h4h] and Alex Foxen was betting 8,000. Nick Petrangelo made the call. The river was the [3s]. Foxen decided on a bet of 84,500, which was well above the size of the pot. Petrangelo instantly mucked his hand.

Alex Foxen Takes Two in a Row

In the first hand, Seth Davies raised to 4,000 from the cutoff and Alex Foxen three-bet to 13,000 from the button, which was enough to take it down preflop. The next hand Foxen raised to 3,500 from the cutoff and got calls from David Peters on the button and Rainer Kempe

Alex Foxen Eliminated in 4th Place ($205,000)

Alex Foxen shoved all in for his remaining 880,000 with [Ac8c] and Ryan Riess called with [Ah9h]. The board ran out [As6s3h2hJc] and Foxen was eliminated. Foxen was the first elimination in almost 60 hands of four-handed play and 12 all in and calls.

Nothing But Doubles

Alex Foxen continued the trend of players surviving all-ins when he got pocket eights all in against the [KsJs] of Ryan Riess. The board ran out [7s3d2d4s7h] and Foxen was the latest to double. To this point four-handed there have been 11 all in and calls and no eliminations.

Foxen Shoves Into Aldemir’s Queens

Sean Winter opened to 120,000 and Alex Foxen shoved all in for 1,400,000 with [3d3c]. Koray Aldemir called with [QdQc] and Winter folded. The board ran out [Th8c5h6d7h] and Aldemir earned a double through Foxen, now leaving Foxen as the shortest stack with four remaining.