Alex Foxen Doubles Through Anthony Zinno

Chance Kornuth limped in for 12,000, as did Anthony Zinno. From the cutoff, Alex Foxen shoved for 224,000. Kornuth folded, and Zinno called. Zinno: [AhKd] Foxen: [QcTd] The board ran out [Qh8c9hTc6d] and Foxen doubled through with his two pair.

Alex Foxen Forced to Add-On by Daniel Weinand

From the cutoff, Alex Foxen moved all in for roughly 100,000 and Daniel Weinand iso-shoved from the button. Foxen: [Ks9c] Weinand: [JdTh] The board ran out [KhJhJsAdAc] and Foxen was forced to use one of his add-ons.

Alex Foxen Eliminated by Ben Yu

Alex Foxen raised to 45,000 and Ben Yu called on the button. The flop landed [Qh7d8s] and Foxen bet out 80,000. Yu announced he was all in for 440,000, and Foxen called all in for roughly 290,000. Foxen: [AsQd] Yu: [QsTd] The turn landed the [Th] to give Yu the lead as the [Jc]

Matthew Stone Triples

Alex Foxen limped in and Matthew Stone shoved all in for 35,000. Cary Katz called on the button, as did Foxen. The [AdQdQhKdKc] board checked through to the river where Foxen bet 10,000 and Katz folded. Foxen tabled his [QcTd], but it would be Stone's [AcKs] that would earn him the

Monster Pot to Daniel Weinand

Catching the action with the flop spread [Kh7h8s], Alex Foxen was all in for the main pot that sat at around 370,000 holding [AcKs] while Daniel Weinand was at-risk for the side pot of 8,000 holding [Th9h]. Cary Katz had both players at risk with his [8d8c]. The turn of the [Td]

Jonathan Depa Finds 4 Callers to His Shove; Chops with Alex Foxen

From first position, Jonathan Depa shoved all in for 19,000. Erik Seidel folded, but Cary Katz, Anthony Zinno, Alex Foxen, and Daniel Weinand all called. The [TcAh6d] flop checked through to reveal the [Kh] on the turn. Action checked to Foxen in the cutoff, and he shoved for his 70,000 and

Brandon Adams vs. Alex Foxen

Brandon Adams raised to 12,000 from under the gun and Alex Foxen called in the big blind. The flop landed [Jc3cJd] and Foxen checked. Adams continued for 13,000, and Foxen elected to check-raise to 41,500. Adams responded with a three-bet to 83,000 total and Foxen mucked.

Alex Foxen Eliminated by Thai Ha

Todd Ivens limped under the gun before Alex Foxen raised pot in the cutoff to 9,000. From the small blind, Thai Ha announced a reraise of pot to 31,000. Ivens folded, and Foxen called all in for 21,500. Foxen: [AdKcJdTh] Ha: [AcAs9d6h] The board ran out [6dAh2sJh9h] and Ha's top set sent Foxen

Foxen Doubles Through Ha

Thai Ha raised to 26,000 after which Alex Foxen moved all in for 254,000. The action folded back to Ha and he made the call. Foxen: [AdKc] Ha: [9d9s] The board ran out [AcKd8c3c4h] and Foxen received a full double up.