Alex Foxen Eliminated by Ben Yu

Alex Foxen was all-in for 106,000 and Ben Yu called on the button. Foxen: [AhAd] Yu: [8s7h] The board ran out [9dJdKsAcTs] and Yu's straight sent Foxen to the rail.

Stephen Chidwick Doubles Through Alex Foxen

Alex Foxen, Thomas Kysar, and William Draper all limped in before Stephen Chidwick pushed his last 13,000 into the middle from the button. Foxen iso-shoved for 163,00 and Kysar and Draper folded. Foxen: [AdQd] Chidwick: [KsJs] The board ran out [Jh9d9h7sKd] and Chidwick doubled through.

Alex Foxen Doubles Through Stephen Chidwick

Alex Foxen was all-in for 99,000 on the button against Stephen Chidwick in the cutoff. Foxen: [AdTd] Chidwick: [QhJd] The board ran out [JcTcAcQd9c] and Foxen doubled through.

Alex Foxen Doubles Through William Draper

Alex Foxen was all-in for his last 42,000 holding [QsTs] against William Draper and his [Jh9h]. The board ran out [Kc9c6sAs9s] and Foxen went runner-runner flush to double through.

Sergi Reixach Rivers Straight on Alex Foxen

In a limped pot with the board reading [8h9sAhAs], Alex Foxen led out for 4,000 and was called by Sergi Reixach next to act, and Dan Shak on the button. The river landed the [6d], and Foxen checked. Reixach bet 25,000 and Shak folded. Foxen called all-in for his last 25,000,

Alex Foxen Eliminated in 9th Place ($39,600)

With a flop reading [QsQh4c], Alex Foxen checked, and Ali Imsirovic moved all in. Foxen called for his last 60,000. Foxen: [Kc7c] Imsirovic: [JhJc] The board ran out the [Ts] on the turn and the [Qs] on the river, and Foxen was eliminated in ninth place for $39,600.

Alex Foxen Doubles Through Ali Imsirovic

Alex Foxen was all-in for his last 180,000 and had been called by Ali Imsirovic. Imsirovic: [9h9d] Foxen: [AhAd] The board ran out [AcThKs5d5h], and Foxen made a full house to double.

Vanessa Kade Doubles Through Alex Foxen

With the board completed and reading [Jh8h6cJs3h], Vanessa Kade was all in and had been called be Alex Foxen. Foxen: [AdAh] Kade: [QdJd] Kade had turned trip jacks against the aces of Foxen for well over a two million chip pot.

Alex Foxen vs. Jake Schindler

Jake Schindler opened from early position for 60,000. Action folded to Alex Foxen in the big blind, and he called, The dealer spread the [AhKhQc] on the flop, and Foxen checked. Schindler fired for 40,000, and Foxen called. The turn [8h] hit the felt and action checked through. The river

Vanessa Kade vs. Alex Foxen

Thomas Winters raised to 60,000 from the hijack and both Vanessa Kade and Alex Foxen called in the cutoff and button respectively. The flop landed [9sKd3h] and action checked to Foxen who bet 110,000. Winters folded, but Kade called before both players checked through the [Td] on the turn. The river was