Alex Foxen Eliminated in 5th Place ($72,000)

Alex Foxen was all-in in the dark from the blinds, and Ali Imsirovic had made the all. Foxen: [9x4x] Imsirovic: [KdTc] The board ran out ace-high, and Alex Foxen was eliminated in fifth place for $72,000.

Bill Klein Doubles Through Alex Foxen

Ali Imsirovic opened to 60,000 from under-the-gun, and Bill Klein called on the button. Sean Winter folded his small blind, and Alex Foxen made it 260,000 to go from the big blind. Imsirovic folded, and Klein made the call. The flop fell [QhJh8s], and Foxen continued for 155,000 after using

Jake Schindler Eliminated in 6th Place ($54,000)

With the cards, already tabled Jake Schindler was at risk for his last 279,000 in chips against Alex Foxen. Foxen: [AcTc] Schindler: [QhJc] The board ran out nine-high, and Schindler was eliminated in sixth place for $54,000.

Alex Foxen Doubles Through Seth Davies

Seth Davies opened in early position to 45,000. Daniel Negreanu was next to act and made the call. Action folded all the way to Alex Foxen in the big blind, and he made the call as well. The flop fell [As4sJd], and action checked through. The [Qs] on the turn

Daniel Negreanu Doubles Through Alex Foxen

Alex Foxen opened under-the-gun to 26,000 and found a call from Daniel Negreanu next to act. The blinds folded, and we went heads up to the flop. The flop fell [9h9dKh], and Foxen checked to Negreanu, who fired a bet of 41,000. Foxen made the call. The turn [7h] saw

Jeremy Ausmus Eliminated by Daniel Negreanu

Jeremy Ausmus was all-in for 2,000 from the cutoff and Alex Foxen raised to 17,000 on the button. Daniel Negreanu made it 57,000 from the small blind, and Foxen folded. Ausmus: [QdTh] Negreanu: [AsQh] The board ran out [Ad8d6c4hJc] and Ausmus was eliminated in 12th place.

Aaron Van Blarcum Doubles Through Alex Foxen

With the board reading [Qs6d7hJh], Aaron Van Blarcum bet out 83,000 and Alex Foxen called. The river landed the [5d] and Van Blarcum bet 175,000. Foxen moved all-in for 713,000, and after using a time extension, Van Blarcum called all-in for 261,000. Foxen revealed his [Ts9h], and Van Blarcum tabled his [AdQh]

Aaron Van Blarcum 4-Bet Shoves on Alex Foxen

Eric Worre limped under the gun, and action folded to Aaron Van Blarcum in the cutoff, and he made it 18,000 to go. Alex Foxen was next to act on the button and three-bet to 53,000. The blinds folded, and the action was on Worre, who quickly mucked. Van Blarcum

Stephen Chidwick Eliminated by Alex Foxen

We picked up the action with Stephen Chidwick already all-in, and Alex Foxen had made the call. Foxen: [AxQx] Chidwick: [AxKx] The board flop fell [4d5s2d] to keep Chidwick in the lead, but when the [Qc] hit the turn, Foxen moved ahead with his top pair. The river [4c] completed the board,

Alex Foxen Running Hot

Action folded to Aaron Van Blarcum, who made it 11,000 to go from the button. Alex Foxen was next to act in the small blind and three-bet to 48,000. Van Blarcum made the call. The dealer spread [AdAc6c] and Foxen continued for 20,000. Van Blarcum quickly made the call. The