Set Over Set; partypoker pro Josip Simunic Doubles Through Alan Schein

Following the turn of a [Qs5h4cKh] board with about 250,000 in the pot, a series of bets and raises between partypoker pro Josip Simunic from under the gun and Alan Schein in the hijack led to Simunic all in for 991,000. Simunic: [KdKs] Schein: [5c5d] Schein had a flopped a set of fives,

Cary Katz vs. Alan Schein

Action folded to Alan Schein on the button, and he limped in for 2,000. Cary Katz completed from the small blind, and Stephen Chidwick checked his option. The flop landed [4c5c7h] and Katz and Chidwick checked to Schein who bet 4,000. Katz called, and Chidwick folded. The turn fell the [9c] and

Byron Kaverman Doubles Through Kristin Bicknell

With a board reading [AcKhKc] and action on Kristin Bicknell she bet 3,000 Alan Schein called from the small blind and the action was on Byron Kaverman. Kaverman check-raised to 12,000 and Bicknell made the call, while Schein folded. The turn brought the [Ts] and Kaverman bet 10,000. Bicknell quickly made the

Jordan Cristos Scores Massive Triple Up in 4-way Pre-Flop All In.

With the action on Sean Perry he five-bet shoved all in and had the table covered. Jordan Cristos made the call from the button for 162,000, Alan Schein was all in in the small blind for 3,000 chips and Larry Greenberg made the call all in for 153,000 chips. Perry: [AhQh] Cristos: [JhJd] Greenberg:

Randall Emmett Eliminated by Alan Schein

Randall Emmett opened the cutoff to 4,500 and Alan Schein called on the button, as did Alex Foxen from the big blind. The flop landed [JsTs8c] and Foxen checked to Emmett who continued for 12,000. Schein called, and Foxen folded as the [6c] fell on the turn. Emmett bet 35,000 and Schein

Alan Schein Eliminated by Ben Yu

Ben Yu raised under the gun and Alan Schein called from the big blind. The flop landed [Jc8d6c] and after Schein checked, Yu bet 5,000. Schein check-raised to 10,000 and Yu made it 30,000 to go. Schein called, and when the turn landed the [Ks], he checked to Yu who shoved all

Alan Schein Eliminated by Michael Song

Alan Schein bet the pot of 44,000 from the small blind on a [8cJdTs] flop and Michael Song called. When the turn showed a [2d], the two players got it all-in for Schein's remaining 132,000. Schein showed pocket aces with the nut flush draw and Song showed [8s8d] for a flopped

Alan Schein Eliminated by Joshua Ladines

After both committing 17,500 preflop, Alan Schein and Joshua Ladines saw the [QsQh7s] flop from the button and small blind respectively. Ladines bet out 12,500 and Schein moved all in for 55,500. Ladines called, and the cards were revealed. Ladines: [AsAhTh9s] Schein: [AcKcJh6c] The turn and river fell the [8s] and [3d], and Schein