Adam Hendrix Eliminated by Sam Soverel

Following the river of a board that read [8d6d2dQc9s], Adam Hendrix was all in for about 650,000 from the big blind with [Kd4d] for a king-high flush. However, Sam Soverel tabled [Ad9d] from the button for the nut flush to score the elimination.

Adam Hendrix Eliminated by Alex Foxen

Ben Yu potted the button to 14,000 and Alex Foxen re-potted from the small blind to 50,000. Adam Hendrix committed his 64,000 total, and after Yu folded, Foxen called. Foxen: [AhAs7s6h] Hendrix: [AdKdJc9s] The board ran out [5h6s9h3s4d] and Foxen rivered a seven-high straight to eliminate Hendrix.

Josha Ladines Leaves Adam Hendrix Short

Adam Hendrix raised pre-flop to 15,000 and got a call from Joshua Ladines. The flop came out [6h5d3d] and Ladines bet 30,000, essentially putting his opponent all-in. As Hendrix was contemplating his move, Ladines said, "so, I take it you don't have a flush draw?" but Hendrix advised his opponent that

Ben Yu Closing in on Chip Lead

With the board reading reading [Jd3hKhJc5s] Ben Yu fired out a bet of 35,000 and was snap called by Adam Hendrix. Hendrix tabled [Js3s] for a full house but Yu tabled [KdJh] for a better full house to rake in the pot.

Adam Hendrix Gets the Best of Joshua Ladines

With the board reading [6s7d7h7sTh] Joshua Ladines bet 5,000 and the action was on Adam Hendrix. Hendrix considered his options and announce a raise to 12,000. Ladines used most of his shot clock before announcing a re-raise to 42,000. Hendrix deliberated for the length of his shot clock before tossing in the call. Ladines announced

Adam Hendrix Eliminated in 4th Place ($64,000)

Adam Hendrix raised to 240,000 with only 5,000 behind and Jordan Cristos reraised to get the remaining 5,000 in. Hendrix called. Cristos had [8s7s3s3c] against the [AcTcJd6h] of Hendrix. The board ran out [Kd9h3d6hAd], giving Cristos a set on the flop and a full house on the turn. Hendrix was eliminated in fourth

Jordan Cristos Leads, Sean Winter Makes Back to Back Final Tables

Jordan Cristos leads the final six players in Event #2: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha. Play resumes on the PokerGO live stream at 5 p.m. EST. Cristos is almost a million chips in front of the next closest player, Cary Katz. Katz is looking for his first-ever PLO tournament win. His best previous

Jordan Cristos Leads Event #2; Sean Winter Eyes Points Lead

Jordan Cristos slowly chipped up during the final 7 players and will head into the final table with a slight edge in chips. The big news out day however was Event #1 runner up Sean Winter who made it two final tables in two days and will have to maneuver from