Short Deck, “Big Three” Week Live on PokerGO

“Poker After Dark” is back with Short Deck’s debut and a stacked cash game lineup

Ben Lamb was one of the first players to bring Short Deck to ARIA and will battle during "Big Three" week on "Poker After Dark." (Photo: Poker Central)

PokerGO is your home for Poker After Dark and the “Big Three” week opener is streaming live.

“Big Three” week’s cash games will be the first in Poker After Dark history to feature Short Deck. The action-packed game will be played as part of a three-game mix, along with No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. All three “Big Three” games will feature $100/$200 blinds.

Ben Lamb, Brandon Adams, Isaac Haxton, Ryan Tosoc, Jonathan Depa, and Justin Ligeri make up the opening “Big Three” lineup and you can start watching below!

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