Through the Lens: Scenes from the Bubble


The money bubble of the WSOP Main Event is always one of the most hectic days of the summer. Last night, however, was surprisingly tame. The eventual bubble boy, Ryan Pochedly, was eliminated in Pavilion, while most people in the Amazon room sat without a clue as to what was going on. While in years past, the actual bubble has lasted for up to a few hours, last night’s bubble ended after one hand! The WSOP tournament staff, lead by Charlie Ciresi, did a fantastic job controlling the chaos. Here are some of my favorite images from the night.

Charlie Ciresi communicating with his team down the hall in Pavilion regarding what was going on with the bubble.
A player involved in a big hand on the money bubble. The guy standing was put to the test by his opponent and eventually folded, only to be shown 5-high for a bluff.
Media from all over the world was out in full force last night, barreling through the field trying to find the bubble boy.
The 2019 bubble boy, Ryan Pochedly, escorted from Pavilion to the Amazon room by security for the ceremony.
Jack Effel rewards Ryan Pochedly with an entry to the 2020 Main Event after bubbling this year.

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