Through the Lens: Jeff Platt Scores Big on Open Seat Week


Poker After Dark was back in action this week with two nights of $25/50 returning to the PokerGO studio! This week was dubbed “Open Seat” Week, meaning Poker Central put the invitation out to anyone who wanted to play via social media.

Answering the call was poker commentator Jeff Platt, Vlogger Trevor Savage, former professional Brandon Schaefer, Mike Matusow, Brandon Cantu, Justin Young, and Barry Woods. After booking a small win of $150 on the first night, Jeff Platt came back to win $21,900 on the second night, making him the biggest winner in the game. Here are some of my photos from the two nights of play!

Watch the recap of Poker After Dark Open Seat Day 1 & Day 2 by clicking the links.

A look inside the beautiful PokerGO studio during this week’s Poker After Dark.
Poker vlogger Trevor Savage and LA cash game grinder Barry Woods share a laugh on night one of PAD. 
After absolutely crushing the last installment of Poker After Dark, Brandon Cantu returned this past week to try and lock up another huge win. Players always seem to have an issue adjusting to Cantu’s unorthodox play, however, this weeks lineup definitely seemed to pick up on a few things as Cantu had a rough go of it. 
With a nickname like “The Mouth” it should come as no surprise that there is a lot of table talk when Mike Matusow is involved in a game. Here  Matusow is seen cracking up after exchanging a few words with Brandon Cantu. 
Jeff Platt was all smiles after turning his $10,000 investment into a profit of over $20,000 on night two of Poker After Dark.

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