Through the Lens: The Biggest Night in Poker


Just like that the 2019 World Series of Poker has come and gone. Across seven weeks of battling on the felt, and nearly 90 events, hundreds of millions of dollars were awarded. When the lights went down on the ESPN Main Stage, it was Germany’s Hossein Ensan taking home the title of World Champion, along with $10,000,000 and the gorgeous WSOP Main Event bracelet.

The final night of play was an epic one, full of swings, crazy hands, and very, VERY, loud rails. After a fun three-handed battle it was Alex Livingston who fell in third place, leaving Dario Sammartino and Hossein Ensan heads up for it all. While the chip lead was exchanged numerous times heads up, Ensan’s aggression would eventually put him way out in front. Sammartino picked an unfortunate time to run a semi-bluff and shoved all-in holding a combo draw. Ensan snapped-called with two kings, and after a safe river would walk away with the glory, the money, and the bracelet. Here are some of my favorite image from the final night of the 2019 WSOP.

The Amazon room was absolutely packed as the final three kicked off play. All three players rails were so loud it felt more like a soccer match than a poker tournament.
Dario Sammartino kicked off the night in the right direction, scoring an early double. This moment was captured when Dario walked over to his rail almost in disbelief, as his insane run in the Main Event continued. 
Alex Livingston watches on as his dreams of the Main Event Champion slowly pass right before his eyes. In his final hand, Livingston got in ace-jack against the ace-queen of Hossein Ensan.
Alex Livingston’s rail had a very short-lived glimmer of hope as a jack appeared in the window on his final hand, but was quickly followed by a queen. Livingston was unable to improve and would be eliminated on the hand.
Alex Livingston walked over to his rail was quickly embraced, consoled, and supported for his incredible run in the Main.
After the elimination of Alex Livingston and a few minutes to set up the money, the heads up matchup was set between Dario Sammartino and Hossein Ensan. The two shared a moment together before returning to their chairs for play.
What it is all about. Heads up, 10 million on the line, the WSOP Bracelet, and an absolutely PACKED Amazon room.
Calm, cool, and collected, Ensan never wavered from his strategy. Foot on the gas, full-on aggression. Ensan seemed to definitely be living in the moment while remaining laser-focused throughout the duration of the final table.
Dario Sammartino had yet to win a live tournament heading into the Main Event. Sammartino managed to stay alive with one of the shortest stacks time and time again in the Main and seemed to be on a path to score his first live win on the biggest stage possible.
The face says it all. An ill-timed semi-bluff would be the end of the road for Dario Sammartino, falling short of the glory in second place.
Throughout the duration of the Main Event, Dario Sammartino’s rail was with him for every high and every low. Immediately following the elimination it was no surprise to see him embraced by all of them showing their outpouring support for their homie.
Two sides of every story. While Dario Sammartino had to walk to his rail with his head down, Hossein Ensan watches the final river card peel off in the Main, surrounded by his rail going crazy as he captures the title.
Perhaps my favorite photo from the Main Event, Ensan is awarded the bracelet while Dario Sammartino watches on and is left wondering “what if?”
Hossein Ensan is your 2019 WSOP Main Event champion.