Kelly Minkin, Bryan Piccioli, Justin Young Headline Friday Night Poker

Week 6 could get spooky on Facebook Watch!

Kelly Minkin, Bryn Piccioli, and Justin Young make their "Friday Night Poker" debuts during Week 6. (Photo: Poker Central)

A special edition Friday Night Poker cash game is just a few hours away and we’re here to get you ready for what could turn out to be a spooky Week 6 in the PokerGO Studio. Don’t believe us? Check out yesterday’s Preview Show and see for yourself!

Kelly Minkin will headline the Week 6 lineup and her Friday Night Poker debut comes on the heels of a World Poker Tour final table appearance. The stakes will be smaller than they were in Jacksonville this past week, but Minkin expects there to be tons of action and a few costumes tonight.

To find out how much action and to see how this week’s Friday Night Poker lineup will celebrate Halloween, follow Stadium: Friday Night Poker on Facebook and watch live at 7 PM ET.

The Week 6 lineup is listed below:

You can also relive past Friday Night Poker cash games on-demand on PokerGO, including last week’s session with Barstool Smitty, Uncle Ron, and Jennifer Tilly.