Best of 2017: Hero Calls

Lauren Roberts, Justin Bonomo, and Christoph Vogelsang created some of PokerGO’s best moments

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The old saying is true, not all heroes wear capes. But, a handful of players went from Clark Kent to Superman in some of the year’s most memorable hands. Had these heroes not use their super powers to find the correct call, the villains might be getting some praise for their bluffs. Best of 2017: Hero Calls is all about the good guys though.

Throughout the year, PokerGO featured some of the world’s biggest events and during the Super High Roller Bowl, World Series of Poker, and Poker After Dark, the capes came out time and time again. As part of PokerGO’s end of year features, Best of 2017: Hero Calls compiles the top-five hero calls from 2017.

Two of the year’s best hero calls came from the year’s biggest event. At the $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl final table, Justin Bonomo called correct with ace-high for his tournament life and Christoph Vogelsang picked off a Jake Schindler bluff when the two were heads up for the title and $6 million.

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